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5 Basic Types of Wood Joinery

Posted by on Mar 1, 2017

5 Basic Types of Wood Joinery

When you heard about joinery, you must expect woodwork of arts. This is because you need to create and join woods with the desired design required for a particular type of wood works. Joinery has different kinds that you can choose, but just to make it simple, there are basic ones that you can see in this article aside from the other types that you may know. From basic, classic, and to the most common one, you will find it in this section.

Below are the five basic types of wood joinery that can be used for the wood works.

  1. Primary Butt

The butt joint is the most basic joint being used in the construction for wall framing. This is the basic one because you just need to join one piece of a butt of wood to another, like forming a right angle or forming a square. They are fastened using the mechanical fasteners. This is the most basic butt joint that can be done by a woodworker.

  1. Mitered Butt

This type of butt joint mitered butt joint can be the same with the basic butt joint. They only differ with the angle on both ends of the butt of wood. This is more pleasing than the basic butt joint since it would not show end grain. However, it could not be that strong at all. You must make sure to do it in cleaner and sturdier way.

  1. Half-Lap

This is called half-lap joint because of the half of the butt or boards being joined will be removed and so they can flush with each other. This can, however, weaken the two boards that being joined but still stronger than the butt joints. There are projects that half-lap joint is being used in spite of the drawbacks it has.

  1. Mortise and Tenon

This mortise and tenon joint is the classic joinery method being used since the earliest period of woodworking. The mortise and tenon joint is still the strongest and the most elegant joining wood that can be utilized today. If you would like to have sturdiest, beautiful, and elegant joints, mortise and tenon joints would be an excellent choice.

  1. Biscuit and pocket

The biscuit joint is another method to use when you want to create table tops. This method is useful when cutting slots to join boards with the edges, with the help of glue and the beechwood biscuit that will hold the boards in their place.

There is Kent Joinery that you can find which could be the best type of wood works that you could expect. Wood joinery is one the best wood works that you can try for your home improvement. They are best for your staircase, cabinets, windows, doors, and many others. You can look for the best joinery to give you the best woodworking joint that can be used for your desired wood works. It is going to be worth it once the job is done on your home improvement with woodworks.

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Five reasons why you need to repair your plumbing and boiler

Posted by on Mar 1, 2017

Five reasons why you need to repair your plumbing and boiler

Did you ever experience the time where your boiler or your plumbing was busted and you just ignored it because you thought it would be okay? If you have, then you should continue reading this because people like the local plumbing companies Southampton can give you five reasons why you should have your boiler and your plumbing fix. You might not see the danger that you are putting yourself or your family into when you choose to ignore the problem but they can. That is why let these five reasons help you open your eyes.

  1. Proper flow of water

You see if the water is blocked, then there wouldn’t be any water for you to receive or your drainage would accumulate in one area and give more problems for you. This also goes for the boiler because if you don’t fix it then the water will not be heated or you will not receive any water.

  1. Safe home for you to live

When your plumbing and your boiler is taken care of your house will be safe to live in. Your house does have a lot of pipes connecting to different rooms, and if the plumbing or the boiler was not fixed, then it might damage the connecting pipes and harm your home and your family.

  1. Minimize major damage in your home

As stated before, your home will have a lot of pipes connecting to each other, and if the problem is taken care of immediately, then there wouldn’t be any major damage like leaks or holes or destroying the hole of your home to check the connecting pipe. There wouldn’t be any major problem for you to handle.

  1. Less problem for you to handle

Having your plumbing and your boiler fix would allow you to have a normal and productive day because you wouldn’t have to deal with any problem from your boiler and plumbing. The water flow is in good condition, and you would have hot water when you take a bath.

  1. Good condition to sell in the market

If your plumbing and boiler are in good condition because you have them fixed then when you sell your house it can add good points to it. After all, no one wants to live in a house that has plumbing or broiler problems that are why having them repaired is good for the market.

Now you know why you should have your plumbing and boiler repaired and the people for that job are the Southampton boiler repair engineers because they have trained and studied in this line of work. They even have the experience to prove it to you, and if you want to see them in action, then you should hire them when you have any plumbing or boiler problem. You wouldn’t regret having them work your plumbing or your boiler because when they are done with it, it will look like it was good as new and it would be worth it.

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Key Issues When Looking for Bespoke Gates

Posted by on Mar 1, 2017

Key Issues When Looking for Bespoke Gates

Are you in the market for UK bespoke gates? If you’re looking for gates bespoke it’s important to know about the different factors to consider to get the right gate for your needs. Here are some of the most important issues:

  1. Automatic

When purchasing a custom gate one of the main options is whether or not it’s automatic. In fact, that’s one of the trending options today. More people are choosing electric gates for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that it’s become much more affordable. You can find these gates for just about any budget. Not only that but one of the main benefits is the added convenience it provides for homes and offices.


  1. Material

Just as when looking for customized automatic gates in Kent if you’re in the market for a bespoke gate there are many options regarding materials. Each type has a different form and function that makes it a unique option.

Which options are available? The main general types include wooden and metal gates. If you choose a wooden gate, there are various softwoods and hardwoods available. There are different features, pros, and cons of both so you should consider them before making a decision.

Steel is another common material is wrought iron. Among the various types of metals used to build customized/automatic gates,Steel is easily one of the best options regarding durability and aesthetics. These are both important issues. On the one hand, you’ll want the gate to be durable enough to keep out intruders and withstand the elements. It’s also important for bespoke gates to look attractive also. It will help to improve the curb value of the house, for example.

  1. Sliding

Sliding gates are the best option when it’s located in a tight space. For example, if it’s at the entrance of a driveway you’ll want to minimize how much space it takes up when it’s opened/closed. A sliding gate is the best option when space is limited since it doesn’t swing forwards or backward, which can take up quite a lot of space.

Another benefit of this type of gate is that it’s also safer regarding the operation. When a standard gate is open or closed, there’s always the chance that objects or people around it could be injured. You’ll certainly want to avoid that possibility so it’s yet another reason you should consider a sliding gate as an alternative.


  1. Craftsmanship

It’s important to look for manufacturers of bespoke gates that provide top-notch craftsmanship. A company can start with top-notch materials, but without solid skill sets, the result will be mediocre at best. The good news is you can find bespoke gate builders that have more than a year or two of experience, which helps to produce the best results.

When searching for a bespoke gate, keep these issues in mind or your home or office. It can open your residence or business to the whole new world of wood or metal gates.

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